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SoundFix Acoustics has been helping businesses, venues and commercial properties, with soundproofing solutions, reduce unwanted noise and optimise theiracoustics for over 10 years.


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Soundproofing Acoustic Panels Melbourne

Our dynamic range of soundproof acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, ensures we can reduce echo and fine tune your atmosphere.

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Experts in Noise Reduction.

SoundFix Acoustics delivers Soundproofing Acoustic Panels Melbourne and Victoria wide. Our solutions help businesses across hospitality, corporate, health and educational settings.

Our service includes specialist soundproofing advice, planning, products, and installation.


Reduce Noise.
Increase Functionality.

Our acoustic solutions are a perfect addition to any commercial space! Whether you need to soundproof an office or create a unique ambience for your venue, we can help reduce the noise.

Restaurant Acoustic Improvement

Hospitality & Retail

Create a comfortable experience for your customers by enhancing the acoustics of restaurants, shopping centres, bars or cafes.

Office Acoustics

Offices & Call Centres

Our office soundproofing can help decrease distracting office noise and create a more productive work environment.

Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Community Gathering Spaces

Remove echo in venues and ensure improved speech clarity in places of worship, auditoriums, receptions or libraries.

School Acoustics

Education Spaces

Looking to lower class room noise? Our acoustic tiles can help increase student focus, by controlling unwanted noise.

Reduce Gym Noise Acoustic Solutions

Gym & Leisure Spaces

Reduce distracting noises from echoing through gyms, and create a better customer experience in your leisure centre.

Decorative Acoustic Panels

Health Facilities

Minimmise unwanted noise within hospitals or health facilities, while increasing patient, visitor and worker wellbeing.


Tested at the CSIRO our acoustic panels were scientifically developed in Germany, manufactured from the light weight material and have the highest fire rating in the market!

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With our years of experience in soundproofing Melbourne, when you request a quote from Soundfix Acoustics, you can rest assured that you’ll receive personalised attention from our team of professionals. We’ll work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and recommend the most suitable products and services to meet your needs and budget.


What our customers say.

We prefer our customers to tell you why you should choose SoundFix Acoustics solution.

“We had several groups come in and the sound was horrendous and intolerable really... Once we have the sound panels in, we noticed the difference from the first day! Now we can talk and interact with people. I reccomend SoundFix and I reccomend the product!”

Shirley McLean
Manager, St Anne's Winery

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“ With SoundFix acoustic panels, we have a room that's less reverberent, even with people in it... So now we have a room that sounds like a proper theatre, even though it's just a school hall! I can definitely recommend SoundFix for any school's or large spaces.”

Dean Lovell
Sound Engineer, Barker College

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“The first thing I did was I clapped my hands and I said that’s unbelievable! It was literally that dramatic, the change. Because that was the biggest issue there was a lot of echo in the room and a lot of background noise… The kids immediately noticed the difference”

Nigel Rodrigues
Deputy Principal, St Finbar’s School

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“The gymnasium was not really suitable for its purpose because you could not communicate… The reverberation in here made it uncomfortable even for its use in sport because with the teacher having to talk with children while they were bouncing balls around, they could not be heard so they started to blow whistles and raise their voices and that even added more sound to the souND”

Emilio Scalzo
Principal, St Bernard’s Primary School.

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They were able to answer all my questions, and they were able to provide a solution within a couple of days. I’d happily recommend SoundFix to anyone

It is just remarkably different after installing the panels. Every teacher has commented on the change, and it also looks fantastic, it blends in beautifully

The first day after the installation we noticed improvement in the reverberation… We can actually talk and interact with people I can recommend the product


Frequently Asked.

They are specialised panels designed to absorb sound waves and improve the acoustic qualities of a space.

Acoustic panels in Melbourne are typically made from sound-absorbing materials such as foam, fibreglass, mineral wool, wood wool, and recycled materials like cotton or polyester fibres. Our acoustic panels are made of a special material that keeps them lightweight and more effective called melamine.

The purpose of soundproofing is to reduce unwanted noise and enhance sound quality by using acoustic panels that absorb and block sound waves, thereby creating a quieter and more acoustically pleasant space.

Yes, they can be very effective at reducing noise by absorbing excess sounds, like echoes and reducing their reflection within a space.

They should be placed strategically, to ensure their sound absorption is optimised. Typically they are placed on walls and ceilings where sound waves bounce the most. Speak to our acoustic experts today, for an optimised placement plan!

Acoustic panels in Melbourne are commonly used to improve the sound quality of a space by absorbing sound waves, while soundproofing materials are intended to block sound from entering or leaving a room.

At SoundFix Acoustics, we plan, install and deliver Acoustic Panels Melbourne, Victoria and Australia wide! If you’re a local business or commercial property manager, speak to us today about how we can help optimise your acoustics.

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