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Reduce the unwanted noise by up to 70% and optimise your acoustics with our specialised acoustic panels and sound solutions.

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ith over 10 years of expertise, our skilled team delivers premium acoustic panels that elevate sound quality in healthcare facilities such as gyms, clinics, and recreation centers. Our solutions are engineered to foster a serene and conducive environment for patients, fitness enthusiasts, healthcare professionals, and visitors.

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Our solutions retrofit into any space and improve sound, by eliminating echo. Transform your healthcare facility with acoustic panels proven to foster a more peaceful and efficient environment for patients, fitness enthusiasts, and healthcare professionals.

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Frequently Asked

Acoustic panels are crucial in healthcare facilities to reduce noise levels, enhance privacy, and create a calming environment. In gyms and pools, they help manage echoes and loud sounds from equipment and activities. In hospitals and clinics, they improve patient comfort by minimising noise-induced stress and aiding in confidential conversations.

Yes, acoustic panels can significantly reduce noise-induced stress in healthcare settings. By absorbing sound and reducing reverberation, they create a more serene atmosphere, which can help in reducing stress levels for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Acoustic panels are particularly beneficial in areas like swimming pools where echo and reverberation can be problematic. They help in absorbing sound, reducing echo, and enhancing speech clarity, making communication easier and improving the overall user experience.


Acoustic panels improve privacy and confidentiality in clinics by reducing sound transmission between rooms and areas. This is especially important for sensitive conversations between patients and healthcare providers, ensuring that private information remains confidential.





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