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Acoustic Panels

We have a range of products to remedy echo and noise. They are aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to your interior design.

The ultimate solution to ensure your conversations remain private

10 colours Colour Matched Acoustic Panels

Your acoustic solution in the colour of your choice

10 colours Printed Acoustic Panels

Personalise your solution with our printed acoustic panels and make it a feature of your space.

2 colours acoustic wall panels australia

When ceiling panels are not enough for your situation, our acoustic wall panels are the perfect acoustic solution.

10 colours Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustic ceiling panels are a seamless solutions for extreme noise with remarkable results

10 colours Acoustic Panels - Circle

Something different to match your interior design. Custom design Acoustic Panels also available, get in touch today.

10 colours Acoustic Baffles

Enhance large spaces and achieve major sound absorption with our Acoustic Baffles

9 colours Acoustic Waves

Major sound-absorbing acoustic panels. Reduce noise while adding to your spaces' aesthetics.

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Our acoustic ceiling and wall panels are designed to reduce echo and reverberation. Transforming spaces into comfortable working environments for customers and staff.

Our wide range of acoustic ceiling panels effectively absorb noise that reflects off ceilings and walls. Acoustic ceiling treatments are appropriate for space across any industry. Acoustic wall applications are effective in combination with ceiling acoustics in proportionally narrow spaces. Our acoustic panels do not have any structural impact on installation surfaces.

light weight

Lightweight Material

Our acoustic panels are made from the lightest material on the market.

seamless appearance

Seamless Appearance

Our acoustic panels are a subtle design that will compliment any interior design and fitout


Fire Resistant

Our acoustic panels have been tested in accordance with AS ISO 9705 2003. See more information on each product.


Quick Installation

Installation of our acoustic panels does not require any structural attachments.



Acoustic treatments will diffuse sound to improve the acoustic quality of your space.

Acoustic panels are one of the most popular acoustic solutions to reduce echo and improve the overall acoustics of a space. Our panels are made from a scientifically developed foam capable of absorbing up to 50% of the noise in an enclosed space.

You can get any type of artwork printed on our acoustic panels. This includes photos, branding any other graphics. The printing will not affect the sound-absorbing characteristics of our panels.

At SoundFix Acoustics we can colour-matched the acoustic panels to the colour of your choice. Please note that this procedure is carried out with special machinery and paint to avoid blocking the pores of the panels.

Acoustic Treatments

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