Acoustic Solutions

Acoustic solutions that create more functional & quieter spaces

We provide acoustic panels and acoustic solutions for a range of industries to create more comfortable indoor spaces Australia-wide.

Restaurant Acoustic Improvement

Hospitality & Retail

Create an inviting atmosphere for your patrons and shoppers.

Office Acoustics

Offices & Call Centres

Improve the acoustics at your office and enjoy the benefits of a quieter workspace.

Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Community & Gathering Spaces

Optimising acoustics in big spaces can improve speech clarity to the listeners and the overall functionality of these spaces.

School Acoustics

Education Spaces

Improve students' and teachers’ wellbeing while optimising spaces’ functionality

Reduce Gym Noise Acoustic Solutions

Gym & Leisure Spaces

Better acoustics will make your gym, pool, or studio a pleasant space to relax and exercise.

Decorative Acoustic Panels

Health Facilities

Increase acoustic comfort to positively impact workers' and patients' wellbeing.


Enjoy the benefits of a quieter space


Increases privacy

At restaurants, offices, and other public spaces. People’s conversations are less likely to be overheard by others.

Lowers Stress Levels

Noise can be overwhelming and uncomfortable. A quieter space creates an environment in which people can feel at ease.

Improves productivity

A quieter space makes it easier to focus and carry on tasks that require concentration.



Provide a pleasant experience to your patrons by preventing excessive noise to bother them while they are at your venue. By installing SoundFix Acoustic panels made from high-performance sound-absorbing materials the echo, reverberation and noise will be noticeably reduced in your space.

Speech intelligibility can be defined as how clearly a person speaks so that his or her speech is comprehensible to a listener. Reduced speech intelligibility leads to misunderstanding, frustration, and loss of interest by communication partners.

Our sound-absorbing panels are made to dampen the noise and reduce echo and reverberation. Which ultimately improves speech intelligibility.

Modern open plan office spaces are nowadays more common and due to the magnitude of such spaces and the number of people working in them it is very likely that the acoustics are very poor.

Installing acoustic solutions covering hard surfaces will help dampen the noise to reduce the echo.

Acoustic Treatments

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